Our Mission

The mission of Oregon Bluegrass Pride is to share the joy of bluegrass, old-time and related
music with everybody regardless of race, age, orientation, gender identity nationality,
upbringing or politics. We welcome all those who love to play bluegrass and all who love to
hear it.

Oregon Bluegrass Pride was formed in 2018 with the support of the Oregon Bluegrass
Association, and was a first-time participant in last year’s Pride NW. Oregon Bluegrass Pride
iscontinuing to foster and expand the example of the Bluegrass Pride movement that began in
San Francisco in 2017. For 2019, we are partnering with the Portland chapter of The
Handsome Ladies, a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting
women’s participation in bluegrass music at all levels. The core values of The Handsome
Ladies include: “traditional bluegrass, community, inclusivity and courage”. We celebrate the
expansion of these movements across the USA. Bluegrass is for everybody!